We kindly invite you to free of any charges sauna in Rezydencja Sąsiadów Zakopanego

Well-known research shows that taking sauna regularly has a positive influence on our body, mental health and wellbeeing and it also helps to prevents some ilnesses.

Here you will find some reasons that should encourage you to take a sauna:

  • sauna has good influence on blood pressure and stabilizes blood circulation

  • it is a great workout for the vascular system, that enhance blood circulation, both, blood vessels and muscles

  • it strengthens the immune system

  • sauna prevents long-term deficiency symptoms in the skin and optimizes the delivery of essential nutrients

  • it promotes the excretion of toxic substances such as lead and nickel and strengthens the body against stressors

We encourage each one of our guests to use sauna specially during a cold and windy wintertime.